Our Trip to York/ Eden Camp

Our Trip to York/ Eden Camp

On 26/07/22 we took a coach load of passengers to the historic city of York or to the WW2 Museum Eden Camp.

York: A beginners' guide | VisitBritain

Connor took 35 passengers on a random Tuesday in July to York for a fun filled day of shopping, walking around and taking in the amazing scenery or to even have a walk around the grounds of York Castle. For the passengers that didn't fancy a walk around York all day then the coach carried on to Eden Camp Where you really get the feel of what it was like to be around during WW2 and to learn about one of the worlds most renowned conflicts in history. 

Even though the English weather did unfortunately catch up with us on this trip that certainly didn't dampen anybody's spirit and everyone still enjoyed their day out with the entertainment on board the coach and the refreshments offered through out the trip.

Thankyou to everyone that travelled with us on tjis trip and we look forward to seeing you on one of our upcomming trips again.